THE SQUAIRE is a location like no other! Unique with special regard to its infrastructure, architecture and facilities as well as to the various types of events that can be placed there and that no other location can afford under one roof. THE SQUAIRE is a self-contained city in which people from all over the world come together for presenting new products, for working, for celebrating, for enjoying, for feeling the fascination and for getting inspired by the extraordinay and unique atmosphere. THE SQUAIRE is yet an architectural icon.  If THE SQUAIRE, with ist lenght of 660 metres, breadth of 65 metres and height of 45 metres, would be just called real estate, it wouldn’t cope with the versatility of the building at all. Moreover, it is a building that brings humanness, efficiency and future orientation into focus.  THE SQUAIRE is situated in the centre of mobility and can be reached perfectly. The breathtaking, dynamic and futuristic shape of the building isn’t a coincidence, but the result of the benefiting location – directly connected to Frankfurt International Airport and to the long distance railway station as well as to the two most important motorways in Germany. The perfect offer in THE SQUAIRE is completed by two Hilton Hotels and 2.500 parking slots in an own parking area. In the midst of life of a globalised economy and of the centre of one of the strongest economic areas in Europe.