The atria at a glance



Due to its situation Atrium 1 is the first impression you get of the overwhelming architecture of THE SQUAIRE. Every year, during christmas time it is the place where Europes tallest christmas tree, with over 20 metres height and decorated with 100.000 christmas lights, can be found. In combination with the directly connected Atrium 2, Atrium 1 is especially suitable for accreditations or for a food corner due to the adjacent gastronomy.


Atrium 2 distinguishes itself through its square shape and is suitable for events of up to 800 persons. This Atrium is often used for conferences and congresses by using room-in-room concepts. By combining Atrium 2 with the adjacent Atrium 3 the event space is often used for events which combine fairs, exhibintions and plenums, as well as conferences and evening events or get togethers.



Atrium 3 is the largest of all four atria in THE SQUAIRE. The direct connection to the SQUAIRE Metro which leads to the parking area offers car drivers a direct entry to this Atrium. With sufficient space for exhibition and presentation areas this Atrium is suitable for dinner- and lounge areas.



Atrium 4 is situated in the east area of THE SQUAIRE, directly in front of the two Hilton Hotels. It is especially usable for receptions or smaller events, which need the direct connection to the hotels.



We are happy providing pictures of Atrium 4 after request.